Significant 7 Kickstarter

We are happy to report that we have fulfilled our fourth Kickstarter on time.  The significant 7 Kickstarter has been mailed out yesterday.  If you haven’t gotten your coupons redeemed or you didn’t receive your coupon e-mail, send us a PM.  Thanks to all our supporters.  We are working hard on No. 5.

Cincycon Table

We had a great time at Cincycon meeting old acquaintances and making new friends.  I really enjoyed meeting with Mike Knoe and Marc Rubin from Iron Wind Metals again.  This was our first public outing for RBJ Game Company.  We listen to suggestions and talked to many people.  We came home with our heads crammed full of new ideas for miniatures and games.  

We also had a drawing for a $100.00 store credit in exchange for your e-mail at the con.  The winning number, if you still have your...

St. Patrick's Day Promotion

Get your FREE Green Halfling with any purchase through the 31st of March.  Check it out on our on line store.   

Saint Patrick’s Day Halfling

Hareballs are Back!

The frivolous yet lazy Hareballs are back to steal the grain from the industrious Halflings.  If they get into the grain bins, there will be too many to count.  Hareballs are back in the rbjgc store by popular demand.  You gotta catch all of yours today.

Sniper Team

We’ve added a few new items to the store.  This is the sniper team by Bobby Jackson.  One of the most requested models to date.  This item includes both the sniper and the observer in white metal and includes a 50mm plastic round base.  The picture is of a painted display provided by Malevminis.  Your model will be provided unpainted.  To get your copy, go HERE.