Drones and Robots Kickstarter

Our Drones and Robots Kickstarter is Now up.  Check it out 


Amazons Kickstarter

Our Amazon Hoplites kickstarter has been lauched.  At the time of this post, we’ve already reached 2 stretch goals before the first 24 hours.  YAY!


Heavy Drone

This is the re-designed Heavy Drone.  I’ve re-printed this to be far fewer parts.  The look is still nearly identical but with the fewer parts we will be able to bring the overall price of the model down considerably.

Star Troopers Unmanned Ground Vehicle Kickstarter Live

This is the new “camo” assassin robot premium figure in our latest Kickstarter Project. Please check it out. Pledge now and pledge often.  


28mm Skeletons Kickstarter

We have launched our 5th kickstarter.   Now get your Bone Chilling Skeletons.  These skeletons are a single piece casting so you won’t waste your time assembling complicated parts.  Just paint them up.  Available in white meltal and an add-on option for fiery red resin.  This is our new super stong resin that easliy survives the “drop test”. Check out our Kickstarter HERE